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Every few weeks I will regularly post to show my latest Megalodon teeth finds, shark tooth fossils, and share my diving experiences.

  • Giant 6-3/8″ Megalodon tooth that I found a few days ago. August 2, 2015 IMG_6280

    This is the 6-3/8″ Megaldon tooth that I recently found all cleaned up.  As the enamel dried it took on a bluish-gray coloring.   you can see it for sale on my site at      

  • Awesome Whale Tooth from a Recent Dive. June 21, 2015 14348949219540

    This is a huge 5 inch sperm whale tooth from a recent dive.

  • New Teeth from my Dive Yesterday. June 21, 2015 20150618_135333-1

    I did not find much on my first dive of the day but on my second dive I hit the jackpot. All of these have great serrations. Email me if you are interested in any of them.

  • 2.5″ long Crocodilian Tooth May 9, 2015 20150508_172027-1

    I found this 2.5″ crocodilian tooth diving yesterday. Prehistoric Crocodilians are ancestors of the modern crocodile. Some of these prehistoric species grew to more than 30 feet in length. It is hard to imagine a 30 foot crocodile like creature when a modern 8 foot long crocodile seems monstrous.

  • 3.15″ Bluish Mako Tooth May 8, 2015 1

    Stunning 3.15″ bluish Pyritized Mako tooth from my dive today. Lots of messages. Nfs right now.

  • 6.3″ Megalodon Tooth October 10, 2014 IMG_4546

    I cleaned the Megalodon shark tooth I found yesterday. It turned to be 6.30″ on the longer side, 6.10″ on the longer side and 4.17″ wide. The tip and serrations are amazing. I can not wait to get back out there.

  • 6.04 inch Megalodon Tooth from 8/16/14 August 17, 2014 6.05" Megalodon Tooth

    6.04 in Megalodon tooth from today’s dive. The guy on Discovery was right. They are still around!!!

  • Bonus 5.25 in mystery Megalodon tooth from yesterday. August 17, 2014 Megalodon Shark Tooth found by Megaeeth Fossils Owner Bill Eberlein

    Bonus 5.25 in mystery Megalodon tooth from yesterday. At the end of my second dive yesterday I was planning on coming up. I started to neutralize my bouyancy when I heard a boat off in the distance approaching. I always stay down to wait for them to pass and make sure another ones not coming ...

  • New Pathological Megalodon Tooth June 22, 2014 Megalodon tooth found by  Bill Eberlein

    I found this last week sometime. I had no visibility and felt the missing section on the display side blade and thought it was broken so I put it in the bag where I put the less perfect teeth. I never pulled it out until this week. I was shocked to see a really ...

  • Friday the 13th!!! June 13, 2014 Megalodon Shark Tooth found by Bill Eberlein

    6/13/2014    My nicest Megalodon tooth from today’s dive. It measures just over 5 inches long. The downside is I saw a three foot shark swimming next to the boat while I was pulling up the anchor. It reminds me that I am NOT alone down there.  I guess my Friday the 13th could have been ...

  • Pathological Megalodon tooth from my Dive 5/8 May 9, 2014 IMG_2857

    I was diving today and not finding much. Then I found a 3″ chipped Megalodon tooth. The vis. was bad but I starting looking at it the best I could and I could see it was deformed. This is one of the coolest deformed Megalodon shark teeth that I have found.

  • Two 5″+ Megalodon teeth found 05/07/14 May 9, 2014 5in

    Two really nice 5 inch teeth from today’s dives. Got a few more megs but these were the best.

  • 5-5/8″ Megaloon tooth found 4/28/14 May 9, 2014 043014

    Killer 5 5/8 in Megalodon tooth from today’s dive.  

  • Two Killer Megalodon teeth found 4/22 May 9, 2014 042214

    Nicer Megalodon teeth from the day’s dives. They measure 4 7/8 and 5.5 in long.

  • Bryan County News | Mastodon Tooth April 12, 2014 bryancountyLogo

    When 10-year-old Joanna “JoJo” Bayens went hunting for crab at her grandparents’ dock on Marsh Creek Lane last Tuesday, she expected to find her usual catch of crustaceans. When she started exploring, however, she found something she never would have imagined in the small creek bed — a fossilized tooth belonging to a prehistoric American ...