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Every few weeks I will regularly post to show my latest Megalodon teeth finds, shark tooth fossils, and share my diving experiences.

  • Ever Hear Of A Gomphotherium? May 5, 2016 Gomphotherium

    After finding a few mastodon teeth and half of a mastodon jaw recently, it was kind of neat to come across this Gomphotherium tooth. They had 4 tusks! Will have to do a longer video on this guy soon.  

  • Giant Mastodon Jaw Fragment with Two Molars. April 21, 2016 1

    From my dive today. I found it upside down and thought it was a big piece of petrified wood. I dug it out and turned it over to find it was a section from a Giant Mastodon jaw. It still has both molars.  This is one of the coolest things I have found.  

  • The Day of the Dolphin in Savannah. March 25, 2016 d005A

    A few years ago my parents visited and we spent the day on the boat and at the beach.  We had lots of visitors.                                             Going down a local River.           The day on a deserted beach!!!       Looking for Handouts.               Tybee Island                   Tybee Beach       Tybee Lighthouse  

  • How To Find Shark Teeth – Pictorial Guide. March 25, 2016 Finding Megalodon Teeth

    What you need to find Megalodon Teeth.. …SCUBA Tanks with lots of air… …Water full of Fossils (we hope)… Buoyancy Compensation Device (BCD) Regulator, Knife (To ward off modern hungry sharks), Gauges Compass, even though you can’t see it. Bright Dive Light. Equipment ready to go Drysuit (Cold Water) Fins for kicking in strong current. Tight sealed hood. High Tech Dive Gloves from the Walmart Paint ...

  • Tampa Fossil Fest 1 March 25, 2016

    2009 Tampa Fossil Fest I asked everyone’s permission before taking these photos, but if someone wants me to remove any of these, no problem. Just send me an e-mail at I did not include photos of the club member’s collections that were on display because I could not ask permission. They were something to see. If ...

  • Tampa Fossil Fest 2 March 25, 2016 t01x

    2010 Tampa Fossil Fest Once again the Tampa Fossil Fest was one of the nicest fossil shows of the year. Many of the dealer displays were similar to last year so I focused on the member collections when taking photos this year.These collections are amazing. These photos do not do them justice and to really appreciate ...

  • My friends Mike and Zsuzsanna took photos of a recent dive. March 24, 2016 21

    Photos from a recent dive. Thanks Mike and Zsuzsanna for the great photos an  ...

  • Coastal Courrier . People and Interests. March 24, 2016 coastalcourier

    By Lauren Hunsberger Staff writer Updated: July 8, 2009 10:31 a.m. 3 Images Name: Bill Eberlein Occupation: Instructor at Savannah Tech and Premier Systems and Training, Inc. in Savannah Hobby: Fossil hunting — specifically, megalodon teeth, fossils that experts date back two million years ago. How did you get started diving for fossils in South Georgia? “I started diving 25 years ago ...

  • CONNECT Savannah JAWS 1.0 March 24, 2016 sav_logo

      December 6, 2011 by Jim Morekis Photo by Shawn Heifert Jaws 1.0 Every week is Shark Week for fossil diver Bill Eberlein   We’re all lucky to enjoy Savannah while it’s on dry land. Throughout earth’s history, this entire region’s been underwater much longer than it’s been above it.   Bill Eberlein knows this better than most. After a successful career at Gulfstream ...

  • COLLECTOR’S GUIDE March 23, 2016 08mass

    Collector’s Guide               . I am often asked what to look for when buying a tooth? Since the Megalodon tooth is the most collected fossil, this guide includes information on what collectors look for when purchasing one. Collectors look for different things when shopping for teeth, including condition, size, price, restoration, shape and color. CONDITION The condition of the enamel, ...

  • Polishing a Megalodon Shark Tooth January 29, 2016 Polishing a Megalodon Shark Tooth

    Sometimes you can’t find “perfect” teeth, they have damage or are missing tips. Fixing and polishing makes them more appealing than leaving broken. Here’s a short clip on how much you can improve teeth.If a tooth is polished or ground it will ALWAYS be noted on that particular page of the site. Most teeth are ...

  • Retail Space near I-95 in GA features Fossil Megalodon Teeth January 8, 2016 20160106_152733

    If you are near Savannah, GA or heading down I-95 towards Florida, stop by our retail space in Midway GA.  Megateeth Fossils has Megalodon teeth in a consignment shop called The Plunder Box.  It is located about three miles off of I-95 at exit 76 in Midway GA. It is located in the IGA Plaza ...

  • Giant 6-3/8″ Megalodon tooth that I found a few days ago. August 2, 2015 IMG_6280

    This is the 6-3/8″ Megaldon tooth that I recently found all cleaned up.  As the enamel dried it took on a bluish-gray coloring.   you can see it for sale on my site at      

  • Awesome Whale Tooth from a Recent Dive. June 21, 2015 14348949219540

    This is a huge 5 inch sperm whale tooth from a recent dive.

  • New Teeth from my Dive Yesterday. June 21, 2015 20150618_135333-1

    I did not find much on my first dive of the day but on my second dive I hit the jackpot. All of these have great serrations. Email me if you are interested in any of them.