6-1/2 inch Giant Megalodon Tooth and Other Fossils Found Near Richmond Hill.

Today I was diving near Richmond Hill in about 40 feet of water.   The current was fairly light and I had about 4 inches of visibility with my light.  I was near the end of my dive and was doing pretty well having found the fossils in the second photo.

With about ten minutes of air left I moved outside my normal search area.  I was in an area of deep sand where I would not find anything and I dropped into a small hole about five feet deeper than where I had been at.  Right at the bottom of the sand hill on the hard Miocene  bottom I found this giant Megalodon Tooth.  It was just laying there completely exposed in a spot I have dove many times.  I could see the entire tooth all at once.

The tip is chipped but it is still an amazing giant Megalodon tooth. It measures 6.43 inches long and weighs over 1 pound.  It would have easily hit 6-1/2″ if the tip were there.  Scientists estimate these teeth to be between 2-5 Million years old.

The rest of the fossils from that dive were really nice as well.  The nicest are the small lower Megalodon tooth and the benedini tooth in the third photo.  Nice benedini teeth are very rare and this was the nicest one I have found all year.  It was a really good day of diving!!!  -Bill E.

Megalodon Shark TeethMegalodon Shark TeethMegalodon Shark TeethSix InchMegalodon Tooth

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  1. edy galea says:

    good catch on the last moment of air,went hunting today 11/03 but no find,usually go after rainfall when top dust layer shifts,largest find in my collection is 4 1/4 in caffe latte colour(inbeded in lower globigerina limestone member miocene aquitanian) on the sister island of gozo off malta,keep teething rgds edy ps.interesting site

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