Mastodon tooth from 4/2/14

Today I found the largest and the nicest Mastodon tooth that I have ever found. It measures 8 inches long. I found it in the last 5 minutes of my last dive. The route was sticking up from the bottom and I thought it felt like a mastodon tooth. When I turned it over and felt it I could not believe the condition that it seemed to be in. I had absolutely no visibility so I had to wait to get to the boat to see what I had.


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7 Inch Megalodon Shark Tooth


7-1/8″ restored Megalodon tooth. In May 2013 I dove off the coast of NC with Al Coffey. I found this 6.80″ chipped Megalodon tooth. It looked like it would have gone over 7″ without the tip damage. So I finally sent it to Matty Swilp of Matty’s Megs. I got it back today. He did a great job restoring it and it now measures just about 7-1/8″. It is restored but it is still pretty cool. bd c a

6 inch Megalodon shark tooth found Monday.

This is a nicer 6″ Megalodon tooth I found diving Monday.  I found some others but they were smaller and many were not as nice.  This was the last of the day and I found it under a whale vertebrae.  I picked it up to examine and set my hand right on this killer 6+ inch Megalodon shark tooth.6in

5 Inch Megalodon Shark Teeth and Walrus Tusk found March 21

Megalodon teeth from today’s dives. 3 of them are over 5 inches long. I also found this prehistoric walrus tusk diving today. I could not see anything but could feel the little ridges on it. That along with the weight told me what it was. I was glad to see it was in such nice condition when I got it to the surface.

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Megalodon Shark Tooth with pyrite found 3/3/14

This is a killer Museum Quality pyritized Megalodon tooth that I found the other day. It is harder than usual to find teeth like this considering that the weather this year has been worse than ever. I have had to cancel about 1/3 of my dives due to weather. It is hard to get someone to sit on the boat in freezing rain.

Megalodon Shark tooth found by Megateeth Fossils owner Bill Eberlein



Cool Deformed Megalodon Shark tooth from Monday

With all the winter weather here on the east coast I have not been able to get out shark tooth hunting since Monday.  I would brave the cold but the wind is way too strong to take the boat out.  The weekend looks better so I am hoping that will work out better for SCUBA diving.  I found a few really nice shark teeth on Monday but this was by far the nicest and most interesting.  It measures right at 4.9″ long and 4.14″ wide. It is unusually wide for the length but  the coolest part of it is the offset tip.  If you look on the non-display side the blade takes an interesting hook to the right on the left side right at the tip.  With every serration in place it is a really unusual Megalodon shark tooth.

Almost 5 inch Megalodon Tooth from

Almost 5 inch Megalodon Tooth from

Megalodon Shark tooth

Megalodon Shark tooth

Almost 5" Megalodon tooth

Almost 5″ Megalodon tooth

Yesterday mornings dive.

I went out early. It was 30 and a bit breezy and a 20 minute boat ride to the dive site. The water was 46 so it was a lot warmer than the air. The dive was comfortable but it was brutal back on the boat. I only did one dive then we headed in. I was in 70 feet of water for about an hour. I found some nice teeth. The largest was over 5″ and the one just to the right is 4.5″ and perfect. It was worth freezing on the boat for an hour.

Megalodon Teeth

Two 5″ Megalodon Teeth from Today.

I dove a deep hole that is 70 feet deep today. I found these three 5″ killer teeth. Most of the dive was in the sand and I had to swim around until I found a spot with a hard bottom. I found two teeth just inches apart and I figured I was going to find a bunch. A few minutes later I found the largest one. Because of the depth my dive ran out way before I wanted to come up. They measured 4.91″ 5.53″ and 5.82″. It was a great dive.

Megalodon Teetheeth

Megalodon Shark Tooth found 1/9/14

Today was the first day since the cold blast. The water was 45 degrees and I only did one dive of one hour. I found this 4-7/8″ Megalodon tooth and this 2-7/8″ Mako tooth. It just felt back to be diving again.

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Megalodon Shark Teeth

Crocodilian Jaw Bone

Today I found this 21″ partial fossilized crocodilian jaw bone There was just one tooth present but it was still a really cool find. Most of it was buried.  Only the front three sockets were exposed.  It either broke in half while I was digging it out or it was already broken.  I found a similar piece a year or so ago in the same place so I wonder if it is from the same creature.

crocodile teeth crocodile teethcrocodile teeth