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Megateeth Interviewed on WTOC TV This This Week Posted: February 15th, 2018 Click below:       Smart Living Magazine. SHARK GEEK Posted: January 30th, 2018 Shark Geek Savannah diver Bill Eberlein’s Megalodon teeth have earned him a mega-following The first time Bill Eberlein heard about people diving for shark teeth, he thought, “Well that’s kinda dumb.” The Pennsylvania native was an experienced scuba diver, exploring ship wrecks in Lake Erie for years before moving to Savannah. He thought shark teeth […] Hilton Head monthly Magazine – Bill Eberlein Fossil Diver , Career at the Bottom of the Sea by Carrie Hirsch Posted: July 3rd, 2017     Bill Eberlein: Fossil Diver When changing careers means changing atmospheres by Carrie Hirsch On the fast track to success in the corporate world, Bill Eberlein earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Economics from Penn State University, worked as an accountant and later migrated into the field of Information Technology. He moved to […] Venice Gondolier Magazine – Diving is a Way of Life by Bryan Roberts – (Megalodon Teeth, Megateeth Fossils) Posted: June 1st, 2017   Sun Photo by Bryan Roberts Bill Eberlein, left discusses a Megalodon tooth with Jeff Aianiello For One Venice Shark’s Tooth Festival Dealer, Diving is a Way of Life The arrival of April brought with it the 25th Annual Venice Shark’s Tooth Festival. This event, with its lively mix of bands and eclectic vendors, was […] New Mako teeth from 5/10. Posted: May 10th, 2017 I went to the Mako Farm today and found these Makos and a Killer 4.25″ Meg tooth.  The largest Mako is the 2-15/16″ lower.   New Megalodon Teeth from Posted: May 4th, 2017 New Megalodon Shark Teeth at   New colorful  Megalodon Shark Teeth at Pathological Megalodon Tooth from my Dive Yesterday Posted: May 4th, 2017 Amazing pathological Megalodon tooth from yesterday. Not a chip anywhere that i can see. 2.3″ long 2.4″ wide. The last two photos have what looks like a row of serrations in the middle of the blade. COLLECTOR’S GUIDE- What to Look for When Purchasing a Megalodon Tooth. by Bill Eberlein Posted: May 3rd, 2017                Collector’s Guide               . I am often asked what to look for when buying a tooth? RULE #1 Always buy from a source. Since the Megalodon tooth is the most collected fossil, this guide includes information on what collectors look for when purchasing one. Collectors look for different things when shopping for teeth, including condition, […] Article in New Yorker Magazine Posted: March 6th, 2017 THE NEW YORKER A Prehistoric Killer, Buried in Muck By Brent Crane   Hunting the teeth of the Megalodon, the largest shark that ever lived, can be very profitable—and very dangerous.ILLUSTRATION BY JEE-OOK CHOI   On a sunny January morning outside Richmond Hill, Georgia, Bill Eberlein, a fifty-two-year-old former I.T. specialist, went diving in a […] Megateeth Shipping Info, Terms and Policies Posted: February 28th, 2017 All Megalodon teeth ordered include display stand, certificate of authenticity and info about your fossil. Christmas Season Shipping info. U.S Orders All orders placed by 9pm will be shipped the next business day.   Orders include free USPS Priority 2-3 day shipping.   According to our sources at the Post office anything shipped by December 20 should […]

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Where do the Megalodon Teeth that you sell come from?
  • I find all of the Megalodon teeth that I sell diving near Savannah GA. I know the history of these teeth so you will never be surprised by restored or repaired Megalodon teeth. I hear stories all the time about people purchasing Megalodon teeth and later finding out that they were repaired. That will not happen if you buy a tooth from Megateeth.
  • Q: Do you buy Megalodon Teeth?
  • Because of the amount of nearly undetectable repair and restoration done to Megalodon teeth sold on the Internet, I only sell teeth that I find personally. This protects both me and my customers from buying a tooth that may have changed hands many times and been repaired along the way. For this reason I do not buy Megalodon teeth. There is nothing wrong with restored teeth but the buyer needs to know exactly what they are getting since restored teeth are worth less than similar unrestored teeth. (Note: The few teeth that I sell that were not found by me were found by friends that I trust like Matty of Matty's Megs. In all of these cases I note in the description that the tooth is found by someone else.)
  • Q: If you will not buy my Megalodon Tooth Where can I sell it?
  • Craigslist and eBay are good sources for selling Megalodon teeth. If you call me about selling a Megalodon tooth all I will be able to tell you is to go to eBay or Craigslist.
  • Q: Will you take me diving for Megalodon Teeth?
  • It sounds like fun but fossil diving has risks. You dive in deep, zero visibility, mucky water and your equipment gets saturated with mud which can make your equipment not malfunction. You can not read your air gauges so you never know when it it time to come up. The currents are very strong and can drag you around the bottom. Stingrays and sharks swim in the water with you and you bump into them or they bump into you all the time. All the while boaters racing to get out to the beach zoom by overhead. What's not to love? It really is a lot of fun. However, I am not set up to take out divers and I do not have the massive amounts of insurance that I would need to cover me when dropping someone into the murky depths in those conditions. So for these reasons I do not take out other divers.
  • Q: Where can I go to dive for fossils where the water is clear and I will have a good chance of finding Megalodon teeth?
  • My two favorite places to go clear water Megalodon Tooth diving is Venice Florida and the Ledges off of North Carolina. Venice: Aristakat Charters and other charter services take you into the Gulf in 20-30 feet of clear water and the divers there find a LOT of Megalodon Teeth. It is a great way for divers at all levels of experience to find fossils. NC Ledges: Littlefeet Charters and others out of Wilmington, NC take you into deep clear water to find giant Megalodon Teeth. You must be advanced and Nitrox certified because you are doing multiple deep dives. It is a two plus hour boat ride so bring your Dramamine. I recently went with Littlefeet Charters and HERE is what I found. I love diving the local muddy rivers for shark teeth but my trip with Littlefeet was the most fun I have had diving in years. It was AMAZING!!!!
  • Q: Where can I go to find Fossils if I am not a SCUBA diver?
  • The best place that I know of is the rivers of Florida. World renowned author and fossil guide Mark Renz will take you on a trip of a lifetime and you will only get wet up to your knees (unless you find a big Meg then Mark may push you under). See Mark's Books here. See info about Mark's guided trips here.