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Bargain Megalodon Teeth

06/14/14- Twenty Megalodon Tooth necklaces added to our Shark Tooth NecklacePage.


s7004 - Bargain Megalodon Shark Tooth
This is a MASSIVE Megalodon tooth that measures 6-1/8" long and 4.85" wide. I found it diving off of the coast of North Carolina in 100 feet of water. It is a ghiant Megalodon shark tooth.

Added: 2014-07-09
L1 L2
6.12" 5.80"
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s6025 - Collector Megalodon Shark Tooth
This is one of four Megalodon teeth that I found Wednesday 6/11/14 diving in the Intercoastal waterway near Savannah. This one is a giant top quality Megalodon tooth with sharp serrations and tip. It measures less than 1/8" short of 6" long and over 4" wide!!! The enamel is mostly intact and the root could not be nicer. The tip along with every serration is in place and super sharp.

I usually avoid this spot in warmer months because fishermen catch a lot of sharks here in the summer. I have been told a 12 foot long hammerhead shark was caught here a couple of years ago by a charter boat. This Wednesday after my dive I saw a 3 foot long hammerhead swimming next to the boat. If the small ones are hanging out here, I can only imagine the larger sharks that are also out here this time of year.

Added: 2014-06-14
L1 L2
5.90" 5.77"
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