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t7062 - Bargain Megalodon Shark Tooth
This is a massive, solid Megalodon tooth at a great price. It measures over 6" long and over 4" wide. The enamel is peeled but it is very stable and the root is in great condition. You will not find many teeth this massive for under $400.

Added: 2015-07-30
L1 L2
6.10" 5.87"
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t7041 - Collector Megalodon Shark Tooth
This MONSTER tooth measures just 3/100ths of an inch short of 6" on a caliper. On a ruler it looks 6" and most people would call it 6" long. It measures 4.62" wide!! If it was a few mm longer it would be a $1500 tooth. The enamel, bourrelet and root are in top condition. The serrations are super sharp and most are intact.

Added: 2015-07-27
L1 L2
5.97" 5.82"
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