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s8021 - Collector Megalodon Shark Tooth
This is a giant killer Megalodon shark tooth with super sharp serrations. It measures over 6" long and 4.37" wide!!! The enamel and root are in great condition. It is a killer monster Megalodon tooth that will add to someone's collection.

Added: 2014-08-10
L1 L2
6.04" 6.00"
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s8022 - Collector Megalodon Shark Tooth
This is a massive Megalodon tooth with super sharp tip an serrations. The enamel has some peel, but the root is in great condition and every serration is intact. It is a killer giant shark tooth at a great price.

Added: 2014-08-10
L1 L2
6.02" 5.77"
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