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My name is Bill Eberlein and I am the owner of Megateeth Fossils. i founded Megateeth Fossils in 2001 and it has been a leader in offering Museum Quality Megalodon Teeth to the public ever since.  The fossils on the site were found by me while diving the East Coast of the US.

I starting SCUBA diving in 1986 in Erie PA. Back then most of my diving was on shipwrecks in Lake Erie where we found all kind of cool stuff.  In 1992 I became a NAUI SCUBA Instructor and taught classes for five years.  In 1999 I moved to Savannah GA to take an I.T. job with Gulfstream Aerospace.  At Gulfstream I met a coworker that dove the local rivers for giant Megalodon Shark teeth.  In late 1999 I made my first fossil dive on a charter boat in Hilton Head and was immediately hooked.

In 2000 I dove as much as I could and found hundreds of Megalodon teeth.   I decided to sell some of my finds to finance a new boat and in 2001 Megateeth Fossils was born.   I found that by selling some of my finds I could justify diving more.  In 2003 I left Gulfstream to teach I.T and Accounting for Savannah Technical college.  In 2008 I decided to dive and sell fossils full time.

About Megateeth Fossils


The teeth on my site were found by me .  Sometimes I will sell a tooth found by a friend but I prefer to sell fossils that I personally found.  If you buy a tooth from my site it means that unless otherwise noted it was found by me.



All purchases on the site come with a display stand, certificate of authenticity and a magazine article that gives information about my fossils dives.   Priority shipping is included on all orders inside the US.  Free International shipping of orders over $100 is also included.     If you have any questions please feel free to call me at 912-656-2920 or e-mail me at

Thanks for visiting.