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  By Lauren Hunsberger Staff writer Updated: July 8, 2009 10:31 a.m. Name: Bill Eberlein Occupation: Instructor at Savannah Tech and Premier Systems and Training, Inc. in Savannah Hobby: Fossil hunting — specifically, megalodon teeth, fossils that experts date back two million years ago. How did you get started diving […]

CONNECT Savannah: JAWS 1.0 by Jim Morekis

  by Jim Morekis Photo by Shawn Heifert   Jaws 1.0 Every week is Shark Week for fossil diver Bill Eberlein.  We’re all lucky to enjoy Savannah while it’s on dry land. Throughout earth’s history, this entire region’s been underwater much longer than it’s been above it.  Bill Eberlein knows […]

Bryan County News: Mastodon Tooth found near Savannah

  When 10-year-old Joanna “JoJo” Bayens went hunting for crab at her grandparents’ dock on Marsh Creek Lane last Tuesday, she expected to find her usual catch of crustaceans. When she started exploring, however, she found something she never would have imagined in the small creek bed — a fossilized […]

Richmond Hill Reflections: Megalodon Teeth the Prehistoric Prize

Richmond Hill Reflections Prehistoric Prizes – Diving in our Rivers Jul 20th, 2011 by Christine Lucas Photos by Shawn Heifert   Those of you stirred up by the latest of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise might associate treasure with tall ships, exotic waters and devastatingly handsome Johnny Depp wearing […]

The Skinnie Magazine: Local Man and Megalodon Teeth

A Local Man and Megalodon Teeth By Lesley Francis Photos by Zsuzsanna Luciano The waterways of our community are of course one of the main reasons that people love the Landings: the number of boating enthusiasts here proves it. However, for one person at least it is what lies in […]

Sporting Classics Magazine | Megalodon Fossil Teeth

Craftsmen   by Carly Altizer   For Bill Eberlein, every dive is an opportunity to discover a Megalodon fossil tooth or some other fossil that has not seen the light of day in millions of years. It is a universally acknowledged truth among fishermen, sportsmen and hopefully the general public, […]

Savannah Morning News : Savannah Man Takes a Bite Out of Shark Week

Savannnah-diver Bill Eberlein – who scours the nearby Intracoastal Waterway and tidal creeks in search of Megalodon teeth — dishes on the wisdom and fascination beheind Discovery Channell’s popular network event, “Shark Week.” Savannah man takes bite out of Shark Week 01 Aug 2013 Local diver scours nearby waterways in […]

South Magazine: Killer Jobs

KILLER JOBS South Magazine May 2013 Hunting for Megalodon teeth, inspecting the hulls of giant ships for explosives, washing windows of the city’s tallest buildings—what won’t we do for money? “You couldn’t pay me enough to do that!” That’s usually the response out of people’s mouths when Brady King tells […]

Liberty Life: On the Hunt for History, Megalodon Teeth

Bill Eberlein has every7-year-old boy’s dream job and it probably would make most adults envious, too. He doesn’t spend his days fighting fires or combating crime — he greets the day by diving Liberty County’s saltwater rivers in search of shark teeth. These teeth aren’t from any shark either, but […]

Savannah Connect Magazine: Megalodon Shark Tooth Diving

From Savannah Connect We’re all lucky to enjoy Savannah while it’s on dry land. Throughout earth’s history, this entire region’s been underwater much longer than it’s been above it. Bill Eberlein knows this better than most. After a successful career at Gulfstream and Savannah Tech, he decided to go full–time […]

6.92 in. almost a 7 inch Megalodon Tooth found 04/23/10

I went to an old spot and found a few teeth on the first dive. I was digging in the mud and felt what was either enamel or glass. I felt around and thought it was too big to be a tooth. I was happy to be wrong. The largest […]