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Dive into the Excitement of Shark Week: A Deep Dive into its History, Duration, and the 2023 Lineup

Shark Week, an annual television event that has captured the fascination of millions around the globe, is a thrilling celebration of the ocean’s apex predators. With a history spanning several decades, Shark Week has become a cultural phenomenon, providing viewers with an immersive experience into the world of sharks. This …

Megateeth on WJCL TV’s Southern Routes with Frank Sulkowski 09/07/22

See The Video here: .. … LIBERTY COUNTY, Ga. —It’s an overcast…steamy September morning along the Georgia coast. As the rain moves in….Bill Eberlein is moving out….and headed down. Forty or sixty feet down to be exact. Eberlein is a diver and shark tooth hunter. He’s really good …

“MEGATEETH” A Short Film directed by Shelton Polka

Several years ago Shelton Polka from Savannah College of Art and Design made a short film about my diving adventures. Congrats to Shelton for winning an award for our “Megateeth” film at the Skidaway Film Festival in Savannah!