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01/28/10 – Blind Shark Tooth Dive

I am shocked that I found anything. Before I went down my light would not work. At 40 feet down not one bit of light from the surface can be seen. It is pitch black. Also a patch on my drysuit gave and my suit let in a lot of […]

Megalodon Teeth and Other Fossils from 01/22/10

Just got the boat back and it was a great day for a dive. I found three nice teeth one over 5″, the water temp was almost 50 deg and the visibility was around 6 in. The current is running slower. so the vis should get even bett

Megalodon Teeth from 01/16/10

I did pretty well. The large tooth is just over 5″ but the very tip is chipped. The smaller one in just about flawless. The current was strong and the vis. was bad so this is all I found.

01/14/10 – 2-1/8″ Hemipristis Tooth (Snaggletooth)

I found a massive Hemipristis Tooth in a long time today.  The current was pretty strong today and I had trouble staying in one place. I did pretty good and found a 3.75″ Meg and a 2-1/8″ hemi. I do not ever remember finding a larger hemi so it was […]

Megalodon Teeth and other Fossils found 01/13/10

I wore a better hood and was not nearly as cold. The water was 40 on the bottom. I found some really nice teeth. The largest in the center photo is over 5.5″ and the other Meg is 4.25″. The lower Mako is 2.25″. The visibility was incredible. With my […]

Fossil Shark Teeth found 01/12/10

Like most of the East coast we have had a cold spell lately. This is the first day that I could get out that it has been over 50 deg. All I can compare it to is laying in a snowbank for almost an hour. You may be wearing a […]

London Times : Jaws of Prehistory re: Megateeth Fossils

London Times Sunday 20 OCT 2002 Edition 7GV Page Culture 53 Jaws of prehistory; My best buy; Interview; Steve Britton; Doors by JAMES KNIGHT Steve Britton, 39, a fossil collector from Devon, explains to James Knight how the web feeds his passion for sharks’ teeth millions of years old ‘When […]