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Tampa Fossil Fest 2

Previous Tampa Fossil Fest Once again the Tampa Fossil Fest was one of the nicest fossil shows of the year.  asked everyone pictured and the owners of the collections permission before sharing here.  if you want something removed email me at                 […]

Coastal Courrier . People and Interests.

  By Lauren Hunsberger Staff writer Updated: July 8, 2009 10:31 a.m. Name: Bill Eberlein Occupation: Instructor at Savannah Tech and Premier Systems and Training, Inc. in Savannah Hobby: Fossil hunting — specifically, megalodon teeth, fossils that experts date back two million years ago. How did you get started diving […]

CONNECT Savannah: JAWS 1.0 by Jim Morekis

  by Jim Morekis Photo by Shawn Heifert   Jaws 1.0 Every week is Shark Week for fossil diver Bill Eberlein.  We’re all lucky to enjoy Savannah while it’s on dry land. Throughout earth’s history, this entire region’s been underwater much longer than it’s been above it.  Bill Eberlein knows […]

Polishing a Megalodon Shark Tooth

Sometimes you can’t find “perfect” teeth, they have damage or are missing tips. Fixing and polishing makes them more appealing than leaving broken. Here’s a short clip on how much you can improve teeth.If a tooth is polished or ground it will ALWAYS be noted on that particular page of […]

New Teeth from my Dive Yesterday.

I did not find much on my first dive of the day but on my second dive I hit the jackpot. All of these have great serrations. Email me if you are interested in any of them.

2.5″ long Crocodilian Tooth

I found this 2.5″ crocodilian tooth diving yesterday. Prehistoric Crocodilians are ancestors of the modern crocodile. Some of these prehistoric species grew to more than 30 feet in length. It is hard to imagine a 30 foot crocodile like creature when a modern 8 foot long crocodile seems monstrous.

6.3″ Megalodon Tooth

I cleaned the Megalodon shark tooth I found yesterday. It turned to be 6.30″ on the longer side, 6.10″ on the longer side and 4.17″ wide. The tip and serrations are amazing. I can not wait to get back out there.

Bonus 5.25 in mystery Megalodon tooth from yesterday.

Bonus 5.25 in mystery Megalodon tooth from yesterday. At the end of my second dive yesterday I was planning on coming up. I started to neutralize my bouyancy when I heard a boat off in the distance approaching. I always stay down to wait for them to pass and make […]

New Pathological Megalodon Tooth

I found this last week sometime. I had no visibility and felt the missing section on the display side blade and thought it was broken so I put it in the bag where I put the less perfect teeth. I never pulled it out until this week. I was shocked […]

Friday the 13th!!!

6/13/2014    My nicest Megalodon tooth from today’s dive. It measures just over 5 inches long. The downside is I saw a three foot shark swimming next to the boat while I was pulling up the anchor. It reminds me that I am NOT alone down there.  I guess my Friday […]