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I have not been posting much because I have been diving and spending a lot of time on the boat. I feel out of the loop and I hope all is well with everyone here.

Attached Image: 0627a.jpg
Sunday 6/20 I found these Megs and a 3″+ lower Mako. What looks like a chip on the Mako is a wrinkle not damage. I do not find many 3″ Makos let alone 3″ Lower Makos. The largest Meg measured just about 5″.

Attached Image: 0627b.jpgAttached Image: 0627c.jpg
These are the two nicest teeth of the week. The large one is over 5.5″. the smaller one is 4″ and has a cool shape and is extremely sharp. I found the smaller one Saturday 6/26.

Attached Image: 0627d.jpg
Three more nicer ones from Tuesday 6/22.

Attached Image: 0627e.jpgAttached Image: 0627f.jpg
Five of the sharper ones plus a 2.75″ Benedini. I only fond about four benes a year so it was a good find.

Attached Image: 0627g.jpgAttached Image: 0627h.jpg
These are a lot of chipped teeth plus an interesting vert.