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We were interviewed on WTOC TV Today.  Click the link below to see the video.

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) – A local diver happened upon something pretty amazing in the rivers of Coastal Georgia on Thursday – a Mastodon jaw!

Bill Eberlein tells us he was doing his normal dive for shark teeth when he felt what he thought was a log, but when his fingers felt molars, he knew right away what it was. He says when he’s diving, there is normally zero to three inches of visibility, so it’s hard to tell what he’s actually feeling at first. This was something he never though he’d find.

He says he’s found teeth before, but never a jaw and with two molars. However, it wasn’t an easy feat getting it up to the top of the water.

“It was really heavy under there, like I said, its about 60 pounds. You dive pretty neutral so you can easily come up or down, but when you add 60 pounds you can’t just float right up, and you know, someone asked me yesterday how I got it up, and I said I wasn’t coming up without it, so I had to find a way,” said Bill Eberlein, Megateeth Fossils.

Bill says this is a rare find and he’s never found something so interesting in 15 years. You can see it for yourself this weekend at the Hilton Head Island Boat Show, where Eberlein will have Megalodon Shark Teeth for sale.