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Giant 5 inch plus Composite Megalodon Shark Tooth

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This is for two massive half Megalodon Teeth that fit well together.  The two halves are nearly similar in size and colors but not from the same tooth.    A complete tooth this size and quality would probably cost around $500.  It will give people a good idea of what a 5-1/2+ inch Meg tooth would be like without breaking the bank.  Some people give each half to a different sibling so they will always be connected by their Megalodon tooth.  Each half tooth measures over 5-1/2″ long.  The two half teeth will not fit on a stand.

Scientists believe these creatures grew as large as a modern whale and measured as much as 60 feet long. I find them SCUBA diving from 40 to 100 feet of depth. Includes cleaning and shipping plus info on the shark teeth that I find. e-mail me at or call 912-656-2920 with any questions. 







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