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Giant, Museum Quality Megalodon Shark Tooth

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This is a stunning giant museum quality Megalodon tooth with a cool hook.  It is in top 2% of all that I find. It is a super wide tooth at almost 3-3/4″ wide and nearly 4-1/2″ long.  The enamel and root could not be much nicer. The tip and serrations are super sharp and just about every serration is in place. It is a stunning tooth that will add to any collection.

Scientists believe these giant sharks cruised the waters off the East Coast 3-10 Million years ago and grew to 60 feet long.  I dive in 40 to 100 feet of water to find the fossilized teeth I sell.   I can be reached at with any questions. Includes display stand, certificate of authenticity and free US shipping.







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