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Large High Quality Megalodon Shark Tooth

SKU: g3115


This is a high quality Megalodon tooth that I found diving in 100 feet of water. It is a large Megalodon tooth that measures 3.62″ long and 2.80 wide.   The enamel is in very nice condition.  The root has divots from boring clams that tried to eat into the tooth mistaking it for a shell with a creature inside.  It kind of adds to the tooth showing the environment it sat in for so long. Includes display stand and certificate of authenticity ..

Scientists believe these giant sharks cruised the waters off the East Coast 3-10 Million years ago and grew to 60 feet long.  I dive in 40 to 100 feet of water to find the fossilized teeth I sell.   I can be reached at with any questions. 







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