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The history of Megateeth Fossils may answer some of your questions….

     My name is Bill Eberlein and I am the owner of Megateeth Fossils. I founded Megateeth Fossils in 2001 and have been offering museum quality Megalodon teeth to the public ever since. The fossils on the site were found by me while diving the East Coast of the US.  SCUBA diving for me began in cold, shark free Lake Erie, PA.  My diving then was focused on shipwrecks. It wasn’t long before I became a NAUI SCUBA Instructor and taught dive classes for several years.  My move to get out of the snow came after accepting a computer programming position at Gulfstream Aerospace in Savannah, GA in 1999.  One of my new coworkers introduced me to diving the dark local rivers for giant Megalodon shark teeth which lead to my first fossil dive on a charter boat in Hilton Head, SC and was immediately hooked on finding the prehistoric Megalodon treasures.

     When I wasn’t working I was diving as much as I could for Megalodon teeth.  In 2001, my hobby became Megateeth Fossils with a business license motivated by my need to finance and justify my new shark tooth dive boat.  It was nearly three years later that I made the shift leaving Gulfstream to teach I.T and Accounting for Savannah Technical College which allow me more dive time.  The transition allowed me to dive and sell fossils as a full time career in 2008.  The teeth and other fossils on my site were found by me and authentic. Sometimes I will sell a tooth found by a friend but I prefer to sell fossils that I personally found to guarantee the authenticity, condition and source.  A purchase from Megateeth means that unless otherwise noted it was found by me.

     Most include a certificate of authenticity, a basic display stand and a magazine article that gives information about my fossils dives. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.  You are invited to see my newest finds or media interviews on social media.  My wife and I hope to meet you at our Megateeth booth where you can find us 4-6 times a year in Georgia and Florida events featuring sharks and fossils. A million thanks for visiting

Thanks for visiting.