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Shipping and Purchasing Information

US Domestic Orders

We ship USPS First Class at no cost to the buyer on all US domestic orders.

Your package should arrive in 4-5 business days.

We can ship orders Express (overnight in most areas inside the US) for $30. Call me at 912-656-2920 for details

International Orders

We ship USPS International First Class at no cost to the buyer on international orders of $200 or more.

International First Class orders take at 10-15 business days and can take longer depending on how fast overseas customs agents clear the package.

International First Class shipping on orders under $200 costs the buyer $25.

** USPS transfers all orders to the receiving country’s local postal service at customs. The first step in finding lost packages is to contact your local carrier and post office.  USPS has no info on delivery in other countries unless the local postal service.

***  Because of the number of thefts and losses of expensive teeth overseas recently our new default method of shipping expensive teeth is Fedex.  They are expensive (> $200 to ship) but safe.  If you want your premium tooth shipped cheaper please contact me.  I am making this change because of the number of lost packages and want them to be delivered safely.

*** Full value is declared on all teeth shipped.  Contact me at the address below with any questions.

Please e-mail me at or call me at 912-656-2920 if you have any shipping questions.

Thanks for visiting.