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Beautiful Polished Megalodon Shark Tooth

SKU: g3039


This is an awesome Megalodon tooth that I found diving near Savannah GA recently. For years the sand and other abrasives have worn on the once glossy enamel. The blade has been ground and diamond polished to bring back the shape and shine in the blade. It measures 3-1/8″ long and almost 2-1/2″ wide.  It is a great way to get an awesome Megalodon tooth at a reasonable price.

Scientists believe these creatures grew as large as a modern whale and measured as much as 60 feet long. I find them SCUBA diving from 40 to 100 feet of depth. Includes info on the shark teeth that I find and display stand. e-mail me at or call 912-656-2920 with any questions. 








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