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Museum Quality Jet-Black Pyritized Megalodon Shark Tooth from My Collection

SKU: h2031


This is a stunning museum quality Megalodon tooth from my personal collection.  I picked out about a dozen teeth from my collection to sell because it was getting a bit large.  The enamel, pyritized bourrelet and root could not be much nicer. The tip and serrations are super sharp and just about every serration is in place including the tip. It is a stunning pyritized tooth that will add to any collection.

Scientists believe these giant sharks cruised the waters off the East Coast 3-10 Million years ago and grew to 60 feet long.  I dive in 40 to 100 feet of water to find the fossilized teeth I sell.   I can be reached at with any questions. Includes display stand, certificate of authenticity .







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