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Not for Sale.  From a post in 2010 with updated photos.  I did not fully appreciate how rare this tooth was back then. I had only been diving about 8 years for these. Almost 15 years later I still have never found a tooth close to this.  I’m so glad I kept it.

From that day….  I went to an old spot and found a few teeth on the first dive. I was digging in the mud and felt what was either enamel or glass. I felt around and thought it was too big to be a tooth. I was happy to be wrong. The largest tooth I ever found measures 6.94″. The one I found today is 6.92″. Still no 7″ tooth, but this one is MUCH nicer than the other one. I did not want to go back for a second dive. I just wanted to look at it for awhile. But I tore myself away long enough for a second dive where I found a 6.55″ tooth with enamel peel.